Left: Lloyd W. Vice President   Right: Maggie W. President

Lloyd W. Vice President          Maggie W. President

Amethyst Dragon

Amethyst Dragon specializes in handcrafted fine artisan jewelry, crystals, semi-precious gemstones, customizable apparel, and southwestern style products. Most of which are made in-house. If you are looking for that perfect piece that you can’t find anywhere, we can create it. Our artisans have experience in many disciplines.

The holistic side has one main focus, to aid the body in staying in harmonic balance. Harmonic balance is not just dealing with the physical aspects but also the spiritual. That is why we have a wide range of services that take care of both the physical and the spiritual aspects. Such as Reiki, (The Japanese art of energy healing.), Reflexology (using the reflex points on the hands and feet to trigger other parts of the body), our counseling and spiritual outreach program and much more.